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Employment Law Advice for Employers and Business Owners.

We can help Employers and Business Owners, who have employment issues, with FREE straightforward commercial legal advice. Whereas ACAS the Government's conciliation and arbitration service, have a remit to improve working relations between Employers and Employees, here at Employerline we only help and support Employers and Business Owners and provide FREE expert advice.

Whether there is an issue with a grievance, an impending Tribunal or you just need a few words of support, we at Employerline can provide up-to-date free advice based on the ACAS Codes to Employers and Business Owners.

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Avoid expensive and time consuming problems and let us help you with free, expert advice. Employerline offers free advice based on the ACAS Codes exclusively aimed at Employers and Business Owners.

Free Employer Advice on ET1 and ET3 Forms

Free employer advice on ET1 and ET3 forms

Have you received an ET1 (Employment Tribunal Claim Form) from a current or former member of staff? Are you unsure how to complete your ET3 (Employment Response Form) in the best way? Would free expert advice on ET1 and ET3 help? If so, get in touch with Employerline right away – our employment law experts are on hand to help...

A quick response is needed to your ET1

Once you have received an ET1 from an employee who wishes to make a complaint against you, it’s essential you reply quickly using an ET3. If you don’t respond within the set time limits, you could have a judgement entered against you at tribunal.

Specialists in dealing with ET1 and ET3 forms

Thankfully, Employerline are specialists in dealing with ET1 forms. We can use our knowledge and expertise to complete an ET3 for your business, highlighting all the relevant details and facts to ensure that you’re in the best possible position to defend the claim being made against you.

Here to guide you though the whole process

We Can Help

If you’ve received an ET1, get in touch now. Our legal experts have helped countless companies successfully complete an ET3, for the most effective response possible.

Employers Council

Employers Council is an intermediary of a national employment law firm based in the UK and is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Employment Law Advice -

Employment Law Advice

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